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-Before you, I thought all cocks were created equal. Oh no. You have the perfect cock. Now I will always compare other cocks to yours. Damn.

-Your cock was long and pointy. The first time I put it in my mouth may have been the first time a mouth was on it. I thought: this is long and pointy. Turns out, that was the only time I put it in my mouth.

-I am starting to forget your cock. Not that it wasn’t memorable-it was probably just right. It’s just been so long. That makes me feel a little nervous. I didn’t think I would ever forget a single speck of your body.

-You’ve got a crooked cock. You think I can’t come because we don’t match sexually. My pheromones tell me to fuck you, but your crooked cock tells me I could just watch TV.

-Your cock was smaller than I imagined it. I think I thought since you were older and more manly than some other boys, your body would also be more mature. It may be the smallest I’ve handled. Though I didn’t really handle it. I watched you jack off while I was touching myself. We were trying so hard to behave. Actually I think it may be perfectly sized, and it makes me want to fuck you even more.

-Your cock had a bit of a narrow tip. I don’t like some of your favorite angles, because I feel like it’s poking my cervix. I love fucking you, but I wish it was shaped slightly differently.

-Your cock was the largest I’ve had inside me. I accidentally told all my friends and they think it’s really cute because you are so tiny. I think they are impressed by you. It actually was a little too big. The next day I felt bruised. I’d still like to fuck you more, though.

-I miss your cock, and I’m not sure what it is about it I miss. I had the best sex most consistently with you, so it must be good sized. Or was it just the energy between us?

-I think I have successfully blocked your cock from my memory. It was the first one I saw, first one I touched, first one I sucked, first one to penetrate me. I think it was probably pretty average. I would vomit if I ever saw it again.

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you gave me a 14 karat gold ring. i gave you a flannel shirt.

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#14 I know you are going to break my heart. Thinking about you makes me nervous and excited. I haven’t felt like this ever. I haven’t felt anything for years. I’m so scared. I hate moving so slowly ive never done it before. I just want to wake up next to you every morning and cook you breakfast.

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You were in my dream last night, and I think we were “doing it”, as you like to say. I remember it being sort of weird, like we were in a public place, or like your girlfriend was around, or something. I remember feeling like I really loved you for who you were, and like we somehow had some kind of emotional bond that we hadn’t had before. Like the kind of bond that you have with someone that you have a secret with, but better. You had gotten squishy since I last saw you, but I thought you were totally hot anyway.

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#11 since #10 came to the party briefly and then bailed on me, I called #8. Since he was headed to bed I pursued you. You were the cutest boy at the party and you didn’t seem interested in me. You seemed interested in the girl I was talking to and I don’t blame you she was sexy. But I was determined to get you to take me home with you just to prove that I could. I told you I was only around for a couple more weeks and I just wanted to have fun. You said to ask you again later. X made you drive me to their hotel in your car. I told you it wasn’t my idea. We had more drinks with the group and I would send you the occasional glare across the table whist flirting with the guy next to me. He had a girlfriend. I ended up in your car again. Before you would start the car you made me kiss you. I knew it was a test and said so. You thought it was hilarious that I called you out on it. We really work. I love how there is a power struggle between us and no one comes out on top.

We would have sex and then we would go again right away. That defies normal biology. I didn’t call you because I didn’t think you liked me. You didn’t call me for the same reason. We ran into each other later and I didn’t think we would end up hooking up again but we did. We went on a pub crawl that night with everyone. At the bar you lifted me over your head like it was nothing. That was one of my favorite moments of my life, and it gave me a clue that you were into me.

The third and last time we hooked up you drove an hour and a half to see me. We had sex in your car in the snow. Then you dropped me off at #8’s house and I slept in his bed. You said how you liked how I had sex like a guy with no feelings. Months later I was so pleased you fb friended me. You had been thinking about me. You wanted to come visit me. You said it was really nice how I had sex with you in the mornings. I really like you but you have a tiny dick. Good thing you like to be rough or the sex would have been terrible. #8 thought the bruises on my thighs were so funny.

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I love you because when we got interrupted you got really embarrassed like a teenager. You put your pants on so fast that you left the condom on. So fast you rode the train home with that condom on.

How did you get to be so adorable?

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I think the creepiest thing I do is google you about twice a year. I don’t even really know you, but I like to try to know what you are doing, just in case it might correspond with my life. Your name search didn’t show me anything of interest until this last time. Now I know where you live and what you do. I kind of wish I didn’t know, cause now I might be tempted to casually drop by. I don’t know if I’d even recognize you though, cause last time I didn’t and you totally caught me off guard by coming to say hi.

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