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My ears prick up like an animal on nervous alert every time you announce how you will always be single.

Exhibit A.
You tell me this story. You are 40 and so are your friends. All have wives and kids. They wonder about you. You tell me you explained to them you aren’t married because
1. Latina women are devoted but not intellectually stimulating.
2. Black women are the hottest with the hottest bodies but you can’t relate to their loudness and their manners.
3. White women are most compatible with your personality and lifestyle but you could never fully trust a white woman to be faithful and loyal because of their independence, which you claim to love.
Wow. Way to excuse yourself from a commitment with racist stereotypes.

Exhibit B.
Your friend gifts you with a prize, expensive bottle of wine. “For a special occasion. Tu boda (your wedding).” You laugh, “I’ll never drink it then. I will never get married.” I am in the room. Everyone in the room knows we are romantically involved. Everyone in the room is a traditional Latino. Everyone looks at me for my reaction. Lovely.

Exhibit C.
Several events we attend together you must network for the young entrepreneurial business you have built over two years. You explain the women (many with money) must think you are single. They must believe they have a chance to get their hands on you. Big muscles. Nice teeth. Handsome face. “It’s sad I know. But it is the best thing for the image.”
Do you have any idea how much of a fucking asshole and fucktarded whore this statement makes you sound?

I could go on. Writing these disgusted me enough.

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