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You were in front of me, we were back in school. You had that look in your eyes that used to be reserved only for me when you wanted to kiss me. And you did.
I felt all the pain I went through again. The knowing but not knowing… Walking from you that afternoon…
You hurting me…
Leaving me in darkness…
Sleeping with her arm around you…
My angel in blue…
Then we were back.
I asked why…
And you said because I remembered why I loved you….please be my girlfriend?
And I whispered, I remembered you hurt me and left me scarred… And walked away once more with tears in my eyes…..

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Actually it’s really good that we are over – like extracting a bad tooth instead of filling it again. I’m really well. It doesn’t bother me to see you on facebook or to use that perfume or wear that belt or sunglasses which you gave me – those are just objects.

But dreaming of you almost every night and about scenarios reflecting my angsts I used to have in our relationship – that f*cking bothers me!

Get the hell out of my head!!!

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