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Facebook kills my passion. I friended some motherfucker I’m dating. I mean, I guess we’re dating. He doesn’t flirt with me or show any affection. I live in the city and we’re both in our 30’s so who ever knows when you’re dating or if anything means anything or not. You could fuck somebody without knowing their last name or the fact that they have a wife and kid back home. But anyway. I Facebook friended him after we hung out a few times. Our mutual friend told me he’s reserved and takes it slow getting to know a woman before getting with her. That appealed to me and helped me put up with the fact that I’ve had to ask him out all the times we’ve hung out and that he never mentions that he thinks I’m attractive in any way, holds my hand, tries to kiss me – nothing. But his Facebook photos tell a whole different story. Shyness? There’s tons of photos of dancing, grinding, lapsitting, facesucking. Oh, and he seems to have a thing for tiny super-feminine, super young Japanese women. I’m almost six feet tall and almost 40 years old. Girlie? Not. I laugh like a fucking hyena on steroids, drive a motorcycle, fucked women in college, and am hairier than a lot of men I know. So much for my wet dreams about gooey lovemaking with that motherfucker. Facebook: killer of privacy, lust, passion, and intrigue.

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