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We were roommates. You are my favorite person to snuggle with in the entire world. I loved coming home from work at 2am and you’d be on the couch watching infomercials or PBS and I’d just curl up next to you on the couch for a good snuggle. Perfection.

There has never been anything between us.

You came to town and needed a place to stay. Naturally you could just sleep in my bed. I had work in the morning, you went out. I gave you the keys. You came home at 4am.

You took off all your clothes, wet with rain from the bike ride home, and left them outside my door. You got in my bed saying you were fucked up on coke & super drunk. You half slept and half chatted with me until you sleepily started making out with me.

I know you didn’t want to cheat, so I wanted to protect you from yourself. I know we would never date.

But the thing is, I would totally make out with you. Why not? It wouldn’t ruin anything and we wouldn’t fall for each other.

I couldn’t let you decide that drunk, so I told you I had to go to work and you fell asleep.

I really wonder if you remember. We will never discuss it. I hope you don’t feel rejected, because in that sense, I would never reject you. I would do you dead sober.

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You are pudgy in that cute way. And damn, you can dance. Having a crush on you was fun. You are completely filthy but a southern gentleman at the same time. It’s a funny combination that makes me feel the thrill and the comfort at the same time. You have an infectious smile. You know I would fuck you in a second. We’ve discussed it at length, even though we only knew each other for a minute.

That’s why I liked you though, you didn’t shy away from my blatant sexual fronts. I like to come on to you in the most indiscreet way possible. It’s very liberating to flirt with someone who can handle it.

It’s too bad we will never do it, even though it would be inappropriate on so many levels. I would booty call you right this second.

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