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I heard a story about you today, it made my heart skip a beat and cry even more. You gave yourself two black eyes last christmas because you were alone, and depressed. I hate that. I love you. You left and pushed me away, you never responded. Fuck you. I wish you were here next to me now, I wish I could hug you and save you from yourself. I love you so much but why can’t you let anyone in. I didn’t realize you did not go home to live with your parents because you do not like them. I am sad about that too. I don’t get it, what could make you hate everyone and everything so much? You are a likable person, trust me if you were not I would not have fallen in love with you. The things you said to me, the way you made me feel. In my entire life noone has ever made me feel as special as you made me feel. You always knew exactly what to say. you wanted to comfort me, you followed me down the block to make sure I was ok. You bought me pepper spray so I would be safe while you were not around to protect me. You held my hand, you gave me chills. You told me I was an amazing looking adult. You told me the only time you were happy was when you were with me. Let me make you happy- I love you so……come back..yes eternally hopeful.

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