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Dear Online Dater:
No, you cannot get a look at those cute little tits.
No, I will not fuck you while your wife lives abroad.
No, I won’t just give you my phone number and just see what happens.
No, you can’t have a photo of me with a little less clothes on.
No, I do not want to online chat with you having never exchanged a single email.

Have a little tact there buddy. It will take you far.

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#12 we met a karaoke. Meeting you started the only screaming fight I ever had with #6 and when he grabbed my arm I called you. I asked you to come pick me up that night but your uncle wouldn’t let me stay over. I liked your muscles and just wanted to sleep with you. You were very sweet to me but you have such a negative personality and you needed me to do everything.

We would have sex five times a day and it was fantastic. Especially that one time; that was the best sex I’ve ever had. But then you started to get resentful and it wasn’t fun anymore. You kind of ruined valentines day for me, but you bought me a nice shirt, so thanks. I don’t ever want to see you again. Im grateful to you for showing me the x cemetery and introducing me to freestyling and all those drugs. You said you never felt this way about anyone before. Your friend said I was the best girl you had ever brought around. He came out to me. That was a great moment in my life.

When I told you I didn’t want to see you anymore you said I was just convenient. I know you were just bsing me because you do stuff like that a lot. But I can never see you again. It makes me so upset to think how much time I spent with you because you drove me nuts. I liked being in control though. Or feeling like I was. Because I really wasn’t. I always ended up places I did not want to be with you.

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