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She and I were sitting on the couch. We overheard our roommates making out. They were moaning so loudly. I was impressed, actually, because the wife always seemed a little frigid to me.

She turned to me and said it was making her jealous and horny. She complained how it had been so long since she’d had sex. Since she’d broken up with her boyfriend. She said “I wish I was having sex right now!” I didn’t really know her, but I felt that normal human empathetic response washing over me. Everyone should get to get off.

I thought about telling her she should sleep with you. I thought if you and I talked about it first and I gave you express permission and it came out of some place of caring and empathy, I might actually think it was great. Like in The Big Chill. The one woman really wants to get pregnant, so her friend gives her permission to sleep with her husband. In the morning, it’s so cute because they all love each other and are friends. It’s as if they think what’s a fuck amongst friends? Just helping out a friend in need. I have always found that moment inspirational.

This was a little different, mind you, because it’s not like she had some biological clock ticking and I was trying to help out a friend. I barely knew her; I just wanted her to get laid for the fun of it, and I thought you might be the right person for the job.

Before I ever had a chance to bring it up with you, I walked in on you on top of her. In our bed. With all the lights on. You looked up when I opened the door. I will never get that look out of my head. I slammed the door shut and you got up and turned off the light. I could hear her moaning from outside. It didn’t make me feel loving and excited or glad that people were enjoying sex. It didn’t make me feel jealous or horny. It didn’t make me wish I was having sex. It made me so repulsed I got physically ill.

It’s nothing like The Big Chill if you don’t get to give your permission. There is nothing sweet or loving or fun about it. Nothing inspirational. It made me surprised I had wanted her to get laid so badly. You’ll have to excuse me for not being Big or Chill about it.

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