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you told me you never came in a girls mouth. i’m not even a huge fan of blow jobs, but it makes me want to go down on you so badly. i’ve been told on more than one occasion that i am very skilled in the realm of oral sex. whoever these girls are sucking your cock, i just don’t think they are dedicated enough to make it happen. it makes me want to make it my mission to get you to come in my mouth. you should be flattered that i want it so bad, because the feeling of semen hitting you in the back of the throat is generally a take it or leave it activity. i really love your cock though. i’ve never loved a cock before. i mean, they are okay, but never amazing. not like yours.

sometimes you forget how fuckable i am and tell me that i’m “cute.” but remember how hard i came when we fucked? i promise it won’t ruin our friendship. i will love you whatever happens. just let me suck your cock.

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