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You have been in the U.S. at least 15 years. You refuse to speak Spanish with me, only English. Even when I ask you to practice my Spanish with me.

When I want you to tell me I look nice or want some passionate affection – you warn me “I’m not one of those typical Latin guys who’s going to be all affectionate with you and romantic.” When I ask you to be on time for something important or to make plans with me in advance you say “You need to understand. We come from two different worlds. You are white and white people make plans and schedule things. In my world, we Latinos don’t make plans – we do things spontaneously.”

Stereotypical macho man – you eat at my house and won’t even carry the dish to the sink. But you never pay for dinner or anything without complaining about it. Then where was the machismo and chivalry when I needed help caring boxes up and down the stairs but you were surfing the Internet instead?

Of course this is all ridiculous. I know white men who are very affectionate and romantic. I have Latin friends who make plans and keep them and show up on time. Men and women of all races and cultures are different. You just use stereotypes so you can continue being the most selfish man on earth.

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